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We Build Inverter Power Supplies that REALLY WORK!

Mobile CT Scan
Hanvey has a proven track record for producing trouble free precision inverter power supply systems that will allow CT Scan systems to operate as they were designed to be operated.

Our CT Scanner design is field proven with no serious issues in a single unit produced and placed into operation in the field.






Notice the unmatched attention to detail. Plus a Hanvey CT Scan Mobile is designed to look this good ten years down the road because of our careful selection of high durability materials and understanding of how the Sprinter's body is designed to be flexible. So there will never be cracks in any main wall surface.

Note:The shown low light arched ceiling is only available in "Mega Roof" versions of the Sprinter.


All power sources are duplicated!

The power supply system is totally redundant with multiple methods of powering up your systems even if you have a power supply failure.  Two identical and interchangeable inverters with redundant "plug and play" wiring format.
 This is included at no extra cost and means that you will never have to leave a client unsatisfied.

All equipment is directly cooled by the inboard air conditioning system that has an amazing 38,000 BTUs of cooling capacity when roof top air conditioners max out at 14,500 btu!
And for winter, there is a 20,000 BTU rear heating system to protect your scanner from cold temperature operation damage.

We do not install roof top A/Cs for many good reasons. One is their lack of commercial duty but others include their potential to leak water onto the scanner, their high power surging/brown-out effects on the power system (voltage drops when the compressor comes on. You do not want to have a voltage drop while in the middle of a precision scan) and due to the increased height the roof top air system adds to the van. Hit one bank canopy during a money deposit and you are out of business for months getting the roof replaced.

Fully Integrated Equipment Cooling System

The Hanvey A/C is not just a "room cooler". It is designed specifically for the CT Scan system and has a precision designed air flow path that even draws precious cooling air directly through the computer compartment in the work desk and the scanner main control center cabinet! This is a Hanvey exclusive that roof tops A/C's can not offer.... period.


CT Scan Customs

Yes, "Custom" means it will cost more
 but if you want a custom color design and willing to accept a longer build time, we can customize your interior color scheme. Here is an example of a recent custom ACC "Carolina Basketball Blue". Needless to say, this unit delivered to a client in North Carolina.



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Custom Mobile Medical Services
"Our Mobile Medical Services (MMS) units are highly customizable to meet the most demanding needs required for the mobile medical service provider. MMS units allow veterinary services and health care equipment repair services to be taken to the client with full service capabilities and high comfort levels.  The beauty of the Hanvey MMS puts a new meaning on the old adage  'location, location, location'. Plus there is a huge bonus for the owner/operator after four years the payments go away when building leases never go away."

Hanvey Sprinter Mobile Medical Services can vary significantly from that shown in the images depending on the type of service and needs of the client.


Mobile Medical Services Have multiple bay areas that can be custom configured to meet your particular service needs.



 Wet service stations such as this wet grinder/wash station.
















Custom 3-D imaging, scanning and 3-D modeling/carving systems.










Custom precision process furnace stations.










 Sand blast stations with full dust collection capacity.






Custom storage and auxiliary stations






Custom Designed 42,000 BTU Air Conditioning System


No Generator Required!

Best of all, the entire system is powered by an inverter power generation system which means no loud, smelly, high maintenance generator system. 
 No carbon monoxide discharge, when desired, while parked near the building you are servicing!

Hanvey's unique inverter system is so well designed it is the doctor's choice of time proven power for their  $180-$200,000 3-D X-ray/CT scanning imaging systems. Your equipment may not be that expensive but think about it.  Who will you trust to power your valuable equipment?


The protection and proper operation  of your equipment is a top priority of our engineering design.


Want a Premium Image?
Hanvey Delivers! 



A Hanvey doesn't have to look like a mobile van.


Quality is in the detail.
Hanvey loves detail.




There is no design too tough or too "high tech" for our Engineering/Design.

If you have a dream for a mobile business servicing
medical equipment,
Mobile Medical Services,
 medical/surgical tool and equipment repair,
give us a call and
We Will Make Your Dream Come True!


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"The Business Interior Upgrade"
"We have done the hard part while leaving the rest for you to finish to your special mobile business needs."

Hanvey Sprinter Business Interior up-fit can vary from that shown in the images depending on the type of service and needs of the client.


6'5" interior height



Hanvey Sprinter Interior Up-fit Prices
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Hanvey Toy Haulers





Sleeper mattress not show

Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Hauler Rear Area

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Hanvey Expediters w/ Sleeper


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